Recent Interments
  • Male W. L Powell February 19, 2019
  • Male Jerry D Meyers February 5, 2019
  • Male Miles F Henley August 26, 1914
  • Female Eurydice A Henley January 2, 1908
  • Male Homer O Raynor June 18, 1906
  • Female Elise Haralson January 22, 2019
  • Female Betty Wright January 21, 2019
  • Female Linda K Page January 8, 2019
  • Female Melva J Staley January 10, 2019
  • Male Robert D Linn January 8, 2019
  • Male Steven Spivey December 16, 2018
  • Female Dorothy J Deloy December 15, 2018
  • Female Valentine Waters December 12, 2018
  • Male William J Teague November 28, 2018
  • Male Ronnie L Bell December 1, 2018

Unverified Interments
  • Female Lucy B Breeze August 6, 1914
  • Female Pearl M Cate August 21, 1916
  • Male Harold H Cates January 19, 1933
  • Female Barbara J Clark July 7, 1938
  • Male Baby Davis June 1, 1925
  • Female Ina G Gass September 1, 1917
  • Female Mary J Heaton October 4, 1939
  • Male Henry Heaton February 20, 1909
  • Male James Kennedy May 11, 2009
  • Female Mary B Lester July 5, 1905
  • Gender Unknown Children Of Mary Lester July 5, 1905
  • Male J M Long August 6, 1921
  • Male James H Mann August 31, 1928
  • Male Joe O'Donnel August 20, 1915
  • Gender Unknown Infant Porter 1909
  • Male Baby Pounds February 5, 1930
  • Female Mrs Radcliff May 5, 1907
  • Female Patricia D Roddom November 23, 1933
  • Male William H Wilson December 25, 2008

Notable Graves

Data suggest that the individuals who are listed here may be interred in the Nocona Cemetery. For some of these listed individuals, a grave site location may be assumed, but not verified. For others, there is no information that suggest a possible grave site. If you have information that may help to verify the location and or identity of an unlisted grave site in the Nocona Cemetery, please contact us.

Kenneth Maley Ballinger (1924-1951)
 Korea - Corporal Ballinger was killed in action while serving with Company E 38th Infantry Regiment 2nd Infantry Division in North Korea.

Earmon T Cunningham (1913-1945)
 WWII - Sargent Cunningham died while serving with the 1st Tank Battalion, 67th Armored Division in Italy.

Orville W Haralson (1919-1945)
 WWII - Sargent Haralson was killed in action at Iwo Jima

Roy Harris (1891-1918)
 WWI - Killed in action at France while serving with Co. L 360th Infantry, 36th Division.

Billy John Hill (1920-1942)
 WWII - Staff Sargent Hill was killed in action.

Clark Alexander Hood Jr (1912-1942)
 WWII - Lieutenant Clark Alexander Hood Jr. was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism and extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight in June 1942. In addition to flying all-night patrols in contact with the enemy, he voluntarily accomplished the first bombing mission against Japanese vessels in Kiska Harbor. With utter disregard for his own personal safety, he carried on tirelessly and courageously until he was shot down. His eager acceptance of responsibility and his conscientious devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Garth Wayne Keck Jr (1947-1966)
 Vietnam - Lance Corporal Keck was killed in action while serving with the U.S. Marine Corps in Quang Nam Province, Republic of South Vietnam.

Thomas L King (1918-1944)
 WWII - Sargent King was killed in action while serving with the 105th Infantry, 27th Infantry Division.

Arthur W Marmaduke (1918-1944)
 WWII - Private Marmaduke was killed in action in France while serving with the 319th Infantry.

Bobby J Massey (1931-1950)
 Korea - Private Massey was killed in action while serving with the 29th Infantry in South Korea.

Bertie L Rich (1918-1944)
 WWII - Private Rich was killed in action while serving with the 116th Infantry.

Horace E Rich (1923-1944)
 WWII - Staff Sargent Rich was killed in action while serving with the 26th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division.

Otto G Rolls (1894-1918)
 WWI - Private Rolls was wounded in France in 1918 and later died in a hospital in that country.

Robert Caldwell Shropshire (1924-1945)
 WWII - 2nd Lieutenant Shropshire was killed in action while serving with the Army Air Forces.

James Darwyn Smith (1919-1945)
 WWII - Staff Sargent Smith was killed in action.

Lynol Deskin Waters (1924-1944)
 WWII - PFC Waters was killed in action while serving with the U.S. Army Air Forces, 32nd Photographic Squadron, 5th Reconnaissance Group. His body was not recovered. He is memorialized here and at the North Africa American Cemetery in Carthage, Tunisia.

Jerry Lynn Winingham (1938-1968)
 Vietnam - Petty Officer 1st Class Winingham was killed in action by fragments from an enemy mortar shell. He had been in the Navy for 12 years, this being his third tour to Vietnam.

Mae Wilson Collins (1892-1993)
 Mae was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Daniel V Crites (1840-1915)
 Civil War - Daniel served with Company H 14th Texas Calvary when he was wounded at Altoona Georgia and taken prisoner by the Union. After his release he set out on foot back to Texas.

Wilburn Marion Henley (1918-2004)
 WWII - Sargent Henley was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his ingenuity in repairing the aileron cables, of his badly shot up aircraft, which enabled the plane to escape anti-aircraft fire over Romania. He and 9 other crew members were eventually forced to bail out of the B24 Liberator and trek for 33 days across the rugged mountains of Yugoslavia. July 9, 1944

Frances Victoria Snapp (1895-1959)
 Frances is the Gold Star mother of Marine Cpl. Raymond C. Snapp. Cpl. Snapp was killed in action during World War II on November 20, 1943. His body remained unidentified for 74 years until July 2017. In September 2017, Raymond remains were brought to his final resting place at Northwest Louisiana Veterans Cemetery in Keithville, LA.

Troy W Stone (1889-1934)
 WWI - Troy was aboard the ill fated troop carrier Tuscania when it was torpedoed and sunk by German Submarine UB-77 on Feb. 5, 1918. He was in the water for 48 hours before being rescued. The Tuscania was the first ship carrying American troops to be sunk.

George Dewey Welker (1899-1969)
 WWI - Private Welker was the first boy from Nocona to be wounded in action. He was serving in France with Company E 110 Infantry in 1918

Oneta Williams (1925-2017)
 In 1943, Oneta went to work for Consolidated Aircraft Co. building the B24 and B32 bombers for the World War II effort. Oneta was recently inducted as a member of the Rosie the Riveter Association.

Earl Clinton Fitts (1907-1970)
 Earl was a former Montague County Judge, county attorney, and a member of the Texas House of Representatives.

John Patterson Humphreys (1848-1935)
 John was elected to the state legislature in 1887. He served one term.

William T Russell (1861-1921)
 William was twice elected Montague County Judge.

Thomas L Walker (1894-1934)
 Thomas served four years in the Texas House of Representatives for the 47th district and practiced law in Montague for 12 years. He was a World War I veteran and was service officer of the American Legion here.

William Broaddus (1828-1895)
 In 1873 William Broaddus and ranching partner David Jordan set up headquarters near present day Nocona accumulating 20,000 acres by 1881. Broaddus and partner Jordan negotiated with the M.K.&T. Railroad in St. Louis Missouri for a railroad survey. An agreement was made and 40 acres of land was deeded to the M.K.&T for a right-of-way and a town of their choice.

William Clark (1840-1921)
 William or 'Uncle Billy', as he was called, ran the first restaurant, in at tent, and also built the first residence at Nocona.

Charles Carter Cooper (1839-1918)
 Charles served as president of the first school board in Nocona. He was an early member of the Church of Christ and also ran the first cotton gin in Nocona, moved there from Eagle Point.

David C Jordan (1842-1902)
 In 1873 David Jordan and ranching partner William Broaddus set up headquarters near present day Nocona accumulating 20,000 acres by 1881. Jordan and partner Broaddus negotiated with the M.K.&T. Railroad in St. Louis Missouri for a railroad survey. An agreement was made and 40 acres of land was deeded to the M.K.&T for a right-of-way and a town of their choice. In 1887 David donated one section of land for this town site, originally called Jordanville, later to be named Nocona.

Herman Joseph Justin (1859-1918)
 Herman moved his boot making business to Nocona from Spanish Fort which begin the trade that made Nocona famous throughout the world.

Marmaduke F Smith (1832-1895)
 Marmaduke served as the first minister the Central Christian Church that he founded in 1888 when Nocona was only a year old. He was also a saddle maker and served as Postmaster.

Enid Justin (1894-1990)
 Enid, daughter of the pioneer boot maker H.J. Justin, founded the Nocona Boot Company in 1925. As her company prospered, she built a new facility in 1947 at Nocona. This facility continued the manufacture of the Nocona brand until 1999, then moving to Fort Worth. In 1978, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame honored Enid Justin. The growth of Nocona's city park was largely in part from the generous contributions of this Lady Boot Maker and today bears the name "Enid Justin City Park".

Roberts E Storey (1905-1980)
 In 1933, Roberts began operating the Nocona Leather Goods Company establish in 1926 by his father-in-law Cadmus McCall and T.B. Wilkes. He led the company from the manufacture of handbags and wallets into the manufacture of sporting equipment. Today the company is known as the Nocona Athletics Goods and makes the iconic Nokona baseball glove. The Nocona High School baseball field carries the name "Bob Storey Field"

Joe Benton (1882-1958)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1917. "Joe Benton Park" at Lake Nocona was so named in his honor.

John L Biter (1872-1934)
 Mayor of Nocona for 2 terms, 1913-1917

John Millard Bonds (1853-1942)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1912-1913

Melvin Chapman (1932-2015)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1964-1965

Charlie Weldon Cowan (1911-1999)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1955-1964. Weldon served more that 25 years teaching at Henry's Chapel and Verona before becoming the Nocona Elementary School Principal. He also served as City Judge and manager of the Nocona Chamber of Commerce for many years. He was owner of the Ben Franklin Store in Nocona and variety stores in several other communities. Weldon was also deeply involved in volunteer work benefiting the youth and citizens of Nocona.

Ernest Curlin (1893-1978)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1935-1939

James Absolom Fooshee (1854-1946)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1903.

Jack Deprece Foster (1897-1978)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1941-1945

David Theopolis Herring (1853-1925)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1904-1905. David also served as Justice of the Peace and County Commissioner.

Elvin J Johnson (1909-1996)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1965-1981

Mary Lee Nix (1923-1998)
 Nocona's first female City Council member and Nocona's first female Mayor in 1987-1991

Robert Ripley Smith (1918-2004)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1991-1993

William Jesse Stone (1902-1982)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1953-1955

McKinley Thrasher (1897-1966)
 Mayor of Nocona in 1947-1953 & 1955

William H Yeargin (1915-1999)
 In 1963 Bill accepted the position of City/Manager/Tax Assessor/City Judge. A post he held until retiring in 1981. He soon returned as City Judge until 1988. The Lions' Club, of which he was a member, named him "Mr. Nocona" and presented him with a personalized license plate that read "NOCONA". Bill's volunteer service to his community was exceptional.

Robert Thomas Anderson (1864-1939)
 Montague County Sheriff

John Loring Davis (1833-1921)
 A former Texas Ranger and Frontier Guard before and during the Civil War. As a Texas Ranger he served under Captain Sul Ross at the Battle of Pease River, being one of the party that rescued Cynthia Ann Parker white wife of Chief Peta Nocona. John's involvement in this battle influenced the naming of the town of Nocona. He also served as Postmaster during the early days of Nocona.

Helen Henley (1894-1967)
 Helen served as Sheriff of Montague County from March 1944 until January 1945, finishing out the term of her husband Willie Bedford Henley who died while in office.

Willie Bedford Henley (1884-1944)
 Bedford served as Nocona City Marshal (1920s) and Sheriff of Montague County, Texas in 1942-1944. He died while in office on March 2, 1944. Bedford's term was completed by his wife Helen.

Joseph Isaiah Reynolds (1878-1933)
 Mr. Reynolds served as a peace officer for 16 years. 2 of those years was in Colorado and the remainder in Texas. At the time of his death, Joseph was serving as a Texas Ranger.

Olen Grover Roberson (1884-1959)
 Olen served as City Marshall of Nocona for several years in the late 20s. He is also a brother to Charles Culbertson Roberson who was an American Major League Baseball pitcher.

Arthur Stell Coltharp (1876-1899)
 Arthur was a member of the first graduating class of Nocona High School of 1896. From 1896 to 1908 no formal exercises were held for the graduating classes.

Laura Thelma Dunaway (1908-1973)
 Thelma was an English teacher at Nocona High School for 24 years. She formerly taught at Highland Park High School in Dallas and Midwestern University in Wichita Falls. Thelma received her B.A. degree from North Texas State University and M.A. degree from the University of Texas.

Helen Ferguson (1932-2015)
 Helen was a teacher and a coach for over 40 years.

Hugh Glenn Ferguson (1929-1977)
 Glenn received his B.S. and M.E. degrees from East Texas State University. He taught in Miller Grove and Pecan Gap before coming to Nocona. In 1976, he was recognized by the Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association for his 20 years of service.

Henry William Johnson (1913-2003)
 Henry received a B.B.A. degree from North Texas State University and a Masters degree from Midwestern State University. He was a teacher and basketball coach at Prairie Valley were he was Superintendent for 4 1/2 years. In 1961, Henry was elected to the office of Montague County Superintendent of Schools, holding that position for 28 years. He had a total of 38 years of teaching experience.

Ruth Keck (1917-1999)
 Ruth attended East Texas State College, Abilene Christian Collage, Cooke County College, Texas Woman's University, and the University of Texas. She earned her B.S. degree in 1939 and was awarded the Peabody Journal of Education Recognition. She taught in Montague County schools for 39 years.

Lucile Keller (1909-2012)
 Lucille received her B.A. degree from North Texas State University in Denton. Besides teaching English and Spanish in Nocona, she taught in Limestone County and Arlington. She retired from the Nocona Independent School District after 34 years of teaching.

Delmar L Ligon (1904-1990)
 D. L. served in many capacities during his 50 plus years at Midwestern State University, including stints as acting president, vice president, professor, coach and sports information director. In 1975, MSU Coliseum was renamed to D.L. Ligon Coliseum.

Mary E Tompkins (1907-1999)
 Mary was a 1924 graduate of Nocona High School. She received her teaching degree from North Texas State Teachers College. Before her retirement, in 1972, Mary had taught in Love, Joy, Ringgold, Sherman, and Nocona.

Molly Lee Weiss (1914-2007)
 Molly started her teaching career in Stoneburg, TX. She later taught Home Economics at Nocona High School, Science at Nocona Junior High, and 4th grade at Nocona. She ended her teaching career in 1975, with 36 years of teaching, nurturing, and inspiring the youth of Nocona.

Thomas Jefferson Allison (1850-1938)
 Thomas spent several years as a teacher at several different schools throughout Texas. One of his former pupils encouraged him to study medicine. Dr. Allison practiced medicine in Gladewater for 35 years. He then moved to Spanish Fort in 1926 where he practiced medicine for several more years, before retiring to Nocona.

Seiver David Clark Sr (1862-1904)
 Dr. Clark came to Nocona in 1888 and practiced medicine until his death. He was a member of the firm Loving, Clark, & Atkins who put in the first drug store in Nocona, it being one of the first businesses in town. Dr. Clark was active in promoting the growth and welfare of Nocona.

Newel Walton Crain (1864-1946)
 Newell's decision to become a doctor was influenced by the inability of medical science to help his ailing mother. He studied at Baylor University and Missouri Medical Collage graduating in 1889. His post graduate work was at Chicago Medical School and in 1890 he established a medical practice in Spanish Fort. From 1891 to 1894, Dr. Crain practiced medicine with Dr. H.F. Wilton. He later established a practice in Denton before moving to Nocona, in 1906, where he continued his medical practice with day and night house calls until a few years before his death.

William Walter Davis (1887-1957)
 After high school, William was an aid to and studied medicine in the office of Dr. S.T. Humphreys, a Nocona physician. He attended medical school in Fort Worth and graduated there in 1911. After graduating medical school, William came back to Nocona and formed a partnership with Dr. Humphreys. During WWI, William served with the Medical Corps in France, returning to his partnership after the war. He moved to Davidson Oklahoma and practice there from 1925 to 1940. Coming back to Nocona he opened an office and continued his medical practice until his death.

Robert Allen Foster (1862-1927)
 Robert started his medical practice in Nocona in 1898, having previously practiced for 5 years in Kentucky. Dr. Foster began his medical studies in 1883, attending school in Chicago and Rush Medical College. He did his post graduate work at Chicago and Yates City Medical College. Robert also studied pharmacy. He was known to take an interest in the personal life of his patients by helping with their chores when they were to ill to do so. Dr. Foster was also the first citizen of Nocona to own an automobile.

John William Major (1922-1967)
 John first started college at the age of 15 at John Tarleton in Stephenville then to North Texas State in Denton. In 1941, he entered Baylor University College of Medicine in Dallas graduating in 1944. After his discharge from the U.S. Army, John began his medical practice in Nocona along side his brother Dr. A.D. Major and Dr. K.J. Wharram. His post graduate study was at Harvard University.

Henry Fullingim Wilton (1857-1940)
 Henry began his study of medicine at the age of 25. In 1885, he graduated from Missouri Medical School and started practicing in Greenwood Texas. He did graduate work in Chicago, Missouri, and New York. He soon moved to Spanish Fort and practiced medicine there along with Dr. N. W. Crain before moving to Nocona in 1894. His medical practice in Nocona continued until his death.

Jack Walton Crain (1920-1994)
 During Jack's high school years he was called the 'Nocona Nugget', but during his years at the University of Texas he acquired the nickname 'Jack Rabbit'. He was an All-American halfback for the Longhorns in 1940 and 1941. While serving our Navy in 1942, he played on the Georgia Pre-Flight Skycrackers . In November 1962, Jack was inducted into the University of Texas Hall of Fame. In 1994, Jack was inducted into high school's Oil Bowl Hall of Fame. Nocona's Jack Crain Football Stadium is so named in his honor. He was also elected to three terms in the Texas House of Representatives.

Tommy Louis Hancock (1930-2011)
 Tommy was awarded the MVP honor of the 1948 Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Basketball game. He went on to become a Little All-American at Tyler Junior College. In 1951, he led his team to a national championship.

Gilbert Buck Keck (1911-1984)
 In 2008, Buck was inducted into the Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame. Buck was one of few to have trained two World Wide Futurity winners, Zepana Bull and the 1978 mare Spotted Sacajawea.

Ruth Roach Salmon (1896-1986)
 Ruth Roach was a professional bronc rider, and world champion rodeo performer. Her 24-year career began in 1914 and ended in 1938, when she retired from the rodeo and started a ranching business in Nocona, Texas. She is an inductee in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and traveled the world with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and The 101 Real Wild West Show. During her career she won the titles of World's Champion All Around Cowgirl, World's Champion Trick Rider, and World's Champion Girl Bronc Rider.

Grady Glenn Young (1936-2002)
 Grady had a career as a rodeo clown and bullfighter. He was well known in that capacity in Texas and Oklahoma. His work extended rodeos throughout the western United States.

Clifton Charles Baxter (1937-1978)
 Clifton was killed, while performing his duties as a postal employee, in the collapse of the Jim's Men's Wear building in downtown Nocona.

Jean Crain (1922-1978)
 Jean was killed in the collapse of the Jim's Men's Wear building building in downtown Nocona, where she was employed as store manager.

Irma Elizabeth Hodges (1920-1937)
 Irma was a victim of the New London School explosion at Overton Texas. The disaster killed more than 295 students and teachers, making it the deadliest school disaster in American history.

Donna Jean Kennedy (1946-1984)
 Donna and her daughter were killed in a Lake Nocona house explosion caused by an accumulation of gas fumes.

Tammy Sue Kennedy (1963-1984)
 Tammy and her mother were killed in a Lake Nocona house explosion caused by an accumulation of gas fumes.

Linnie May Shackelford (1895-1905)
 Linnie was killed by a tornado that swept through the area on July 5, 1905

Viola A Shackelford (1876-1905)
 Viola was killed by a tornado that swept through the area on July 5, 1905

Daisy Tumbleson (1899-1905)
 Daisy, her mother, and sibling were killed by a tornado that swept through the area on July 5, 1905.

Julia Anne Tumbleson (1862-1905)
 Julia and two of her children were killed by a tornado that swept through the area on July 5, 1905.

Velva Tumbleson (1901-1905)
 Velva, her mother, and sibling were killed by a tornado that swept through the area on July 5, 1905.

George Cardwell Gray (1871-1963)
 George was the first white man born at Fort Sill Oklahoma. He was born in a tent on the military reservation where his parents were living. His father helped build the first permanent building at Ft. Sill.

Rebecca Ann Howell (1851-1914)
 Rebecca was the mother of the first child born in Nocona. Twins, Coe (male) and Nocona (female) were born to Samuel E. and Rebecca A. Howell on November 7, 1887.

Samuel Edgar Howell (1852-1922)
 Samuel was the father of the first child born in Nocona. Twins, Coe (male) and Nocona (female) were born to Samuel E. and Rebecca A. Howell on November 7, 1887.

Benjiman Franklin Reed (1861-1936)
 Ben was the first white man born in Montague County Texas

Weldon Russell Robb (1919-1972)
 Weldon, along with his father, established the Nocona Independent Lumber Company and was active in community affairs. He served as president of the Nocona Chamber of Commerce, member of the Nocona Jaycees, and member of the board of directors for the North Montague Co Water District. "Weldon Robb Park" at Lake Nocona was so named in his honor.

Although all who are interred in the Nocona Cemetery are worthy of being noted, these individuals have made achievements or had life experiences that stand out above most.


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